Picnic to Palghar Silent Hill Resort on 12th Mar 06

We had picnic on 12th March from the office.

We reached the resort at 10 AM, it was a nice place for holiday.
We had breakfast and tea first, then moved around the resort.

We played cricket for an hour. Then the real fun started when we went into swimming pool, rain dance, water rides …

After a good Lunch, we had a little nap. After some time, again in the pool this time I had almost 4 rounds of the pool.

Went for boating in a still boat 🙂 Had snaps of few ducks.

A ha ! A good Nap of half an hour on the hills … Coool.

Now what ? Get back to Your Place !!

Aha wait I saw Delnaz Paul there before leaving.

After reaching at flat, I got news about 434 runs scored by Australia !
I was surprised to hear that !

Next bug surprise for me was when we were on the way for Dinner.
I heard that RSA successfully chased 434 by 1 ball short. Great !!!!

The Bad Luck of yesterday (11 Mar) was still here. Could not find place at Restaurant.
We had to order the food to home.

Good Night after a long tiring day ….

Swimming After almost 2 years left my legs in pain for 2 days 😐

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