Developers New Year Resolution Guide

Source : FreeCodeCamp

Picking out points out of already precise article from FreeCodeCamp

New Year Resolutions needs to follow 3 rules

  1. Relevance
    1. You need to be Passionate about the subject
    2. Visualise future you and check does it make you fulfilled ?
  2. Accountability
    1. Get friends / colleagues to hold you accountable for your resolution.
    2. If comfortable, make public commitment over your Twitter or LinkedIn.
    3. Is any pending public commitment ?
      • Yes : Do you wish to accomplish that first ?
      • No : Go ahead with commitment for current resolution
  3. Attach specific time duration e.g. #100DaysOfCode  #100Days100Projects , #100DaysofGatsby, #AWSCertified Challenge etc
  4. Support
    • If you can get your friend / colleague / community to also follow the same resolution ?
    • Support from peers will motivate when you don’t feel like doing your bit on a particular day.


  1. Timebox resolution for 3 months instead.
  2. Set aside time for resolution in daily calendar.
  3. Have a close peer group to support you or work along with you.

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