AWS S3 Bucket Name Restrictions

I recently creates 2 new S3 buckets and observed change in URL formation for both the buckets

  1. sample-bucket-name
    • S3 Bucket URL will be
    • Since bucket name contains one or more dots, it will choose Path style URL

AWS S3 supports 2 types of URLs
1. Path-Style Requests ( Soon to be deprecated ) – S3 Path Deprecation Plan
2. Virtual Hosted-Style Requests

Path style S3 URLs will be deprecated by Sept 2020.
However, as per revised plan, S3 buckets created until Sept 2020 will be supported even after deprecation plan comes into action.

Revised Plan – Support for the path-style model continues for buckets created on or before September 30, 2020. Buckets created after that date must be referenced using the virtual-hosted model.

Coming back to the S3 bucket names containing dots, AWS will share details of work around before the planned deprecation.

Bucket Names with Dots – It is important to note that bucket names with “.” characters are perfectly valid for website hosting and other use cases. However, there are some known issues with TLS and with SSL certificates. We are hard at work on a plan to support virtual-host requests to these buckets, and will share the details well ahead of September 30, 2020.

Here is a good read for more information regarding S3 bucket naming.

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